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  • Risk Alternatives went above and beyond, not only working with us to get us started with nonprofit risk management, but also explaining the risk process to our board to get additional buy-in. As a small nonprofit organization, that sort of support is a game-changer.

    Joy Ruff Executive Director, Local Government Academy
  • We partnered with our local community foundation and other funders to bring Risk Alternatives into the training fold. They provided both public trainings and in-depth follow-up resilience work. Working with Risk Alternatives was great because they helped our nonprofits learn what risk was, why it’s important, and what they needed to have in place. Risk Alternatives was thoughtful in both how they deliver the content and meeting people where they are.

    Kevin Dean Momentum Nonprofit Partners
  • Nonprofit risk management is a critical concern for grantees, but for funders, too. We need to create a common vocabulary for discussing risk with the nonprofits we support, and Risk Alternatives plays a vital role in that effort.

    Kelly Chopus President & CEO at Robins Foundation

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Unlock the secrets to a thriving nonprofit with Ted Bilich's 'Managing Your Nonprofit for Resilience: Use Lean Risk Management to Improve Performance and Increase Engagement'. This pivotal guide offers a deep dive into lean risk management, tailored for the nonprofit sector's unique needs. Learn from the strategies of the world's most successful charities to effectively prioritize, mitigate, and navigate risks. From comprehensive discussions, actionable checklists, and real-world challenges to strategies for addressing risks with candor and precision, this book is an indispensable tool for nonprofit managers and directors aiming to steer their organizations with foresight and agility in an unpredictable landscape.

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