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Prescriptions for Child Perfectionism Work for Us, Too

Dr. Michelle Borba had a solid post the other day describing steps parents can take to help children with perfectionistic tendencies. This advice works for the rest of us, too, as described after the jump.

Determining Values

What values really guide your behavior?  Not simply what you like to tell other people about what you believe, but deep inside? If we were all introspective and clear-minded, this might be a purely academic question.  But we aren’t, so this isn’t.  I’m including myself here. This means that many of us go through life […]

Toward Understanding Our Values

Identifying one’s values can bring substantial clarity. I know this from personal experience, but there is research support for the notion that self-insight about values can enhance personal and professional success. Working with values is, in my opinion, one of life’s best practices. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that someone who […]

Matters of Value

Kat French’s terrific post over at the Thoughtwrestling blog noted that, if you think of your brain in terms of programming, values and goals serve as the “data structure” upon which we hang our various daily activities.  Goals and values motivate, underlie, and shape our actions and our perception and evaluation of those actions. I […]

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