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Great Twitter Advice

Roughly 100 percent of what Mike Brown writes over at Brainzooming is worth reading. This brief post, which provides his rules of thumb for who to decide to follow (or not), is short, simple, and very useful. (As you can see, from the tag cloud in the right column of the blog, I have mentioned […]

More on the Pace of Change

I’m not a techno-neophyte. But following up on my post of yesterday, I just wanted to provide a coda. Saturday night I called my younger sister, Beth, on Skype. She has two boys, the older of which turned seven on Saturday. I wanted to have a chance for me and my son (age six) to […]

The Stages of Twitter

Just saying, this is incredibly accurate.

Twitter – You Can Still Be An Early Adopter

A new Pew Research Center report provides important insight into who uses Twitter. The results reinforce the notion that those who join now are still trendsetters among US adults. Since Twitter is a great tool for gathering targeted news and information and making new connections, I suggest you take a look, as I explain below.

Twitter – The College Music Station of News and Info

I have a Twitter metaphor!¬† It’s like 1980’s college music stations! One of my friends, Dave, responded on Facebook to my recent Twitter post by stating that he thought Twitter was a flash in the pan. In the middle of responding, I realized Twitter functions the same way college music stations did when I was […]

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