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Thick Face, Black Heart, Stupid Book

What do Mark Twain, “Ancient Hindu Scripture,” Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? One may rightly wonder.  These eclectic sources are thrown together here in defense of a supposed Secret of the East (such secrets having to be capitalized) — the secret of “thick face, black heart,” the title of Chin-Ning Chu’s book. […]

The Promise of Success? JFK at Harvard

In the damning-with-faint-praise department, this from Robert Dallek’s An Unfinished Life (discussing John F. Kennedy as a sophomore at Harvard): “Though his mind is still undisciplined,” [JFK’s] tutor wrote, “and will probably never be very original, he has ability, I think, and gives promise of development.” An Unfinished Life, page 43. The moral?  There’s always […]

What Does Success Mean? A Question More Important Than Its Answer

This is a blog about life’s best practices. As I wrote in the introduction to the blog, I believe there are practices that lead to greater achievement and more personal satisfaction in life. This inevitably raises the question of what it means to succeed. Five minutes of Googling will produce see plenty of definitions of […]

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