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Success Steps

This is not a self-help blog, and I don’t like posts that merely point to another’s writing. With that disclaimer, this recent post over at the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life really nails it. Each of the suggestions for achieving more success and personal satisfaction is based on sound psychological principles. Each is simple […]

Continuous Process Improvement for the Self

I pass along an important insight from Andrea Matthews, posted at Psychology Today. Her point, made swiftly and simply, is that introspection is necessary for fulfillment. Some feel guilty about focusing on development of the self and self-awareness. It is, however, one of the most important things a person can do for him- or herself. […]

8 (+1) Solid Reasons to Go to Law School

I recently posted a number of bad reasons people decide to go to law school.  This post follows up by noting eight solid indicators (plus a qualified ninth) you may make a solid lawyer. 1. You have worked with lawyers or the law closely, and you liked it. Many successful lawyers have worked closely with […]

Six Foolish Reasons to Go To Law School

This recent article from US News and World Report noted that although the legal job market is contracting, the number of people taking pre-law examinations (LSATs) is increasing. That is not healthy. I’ve been a lawyer for 20 years. I enjoyed law school, and I am proud to be a lawyer. I’m a partner in […]

Your World-Historic Impact

Twenty-five years ago I spent four months in London. While there, I picked up G.K. Chesterton’s Stories, Essays, and Poems. In it I found one of the most important passages I’ve ever read. It’s from his essay, A Defense of Nonsense.  Without further preface, here it is: There are two equal and eternal ways of […]

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