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Help Me Bang the Drum

If you enjoy what you read here, please help me.  Let’s build the community of readers and commenters.  Send a link to it to five of your friends or family.  Link to it on other blogs where the discussion here is relevant. Feed it into aggregators like Reddit.  Tweet it. Find ways to grow it […]

Readers – Growing, Growing …

In late March, I posted current statistics from Google Analytics about this blog. This is both an update and a call to action. Back then, the blog was read by people in 38 states plus the District of Columbia, as well as residents of 26 nations (including the US).  Almost every continent was represented. Now, […]

Readers – Growing and Diverse

According to Google Analytics, this blog is read by people in 38 states plus the District of Columbia.  It is also read by people in 25 nations besides the United States.  Every continent except Africa (and possibly Antarctica, which doesn’t appear on the Google map).  Details after the jump.

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