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3 Steps Facebook Should Take Now to Seize the Moment

I applaud Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement in today’s Washington Post that Facebook will revise its privacy policies.  Of course, questions remain:  just how private will Facebook permit users to be, and can consumers trust Facebook in light of its recent privacy missteps?  This post has a simple message:  Facebook should act now to make itself — […]

Facebook Can Do The Right Thing

There are signs that Facebook may be beginning to realize that its privacy policies have consequences.  In an interview described here, Tim Sparapani, Facebook’s director of public policy, stated that the site plans to incorporate new, simplified privacy settings.  If that is true, and those policies meaningfully enhance privacy, that is very good news, as […]

A Must-Read Follow-up on Facebook

In light of my two posts in the last few days — the first describing my qualms about privacy on Facebook, the second noting the benefits of Facebook for interpersonal connection — I wanted to bring your attention to an extraordinary analysis of the issue by Ryan Singel over at Wired Magazine. 

The Connection Value of Facebook

Over the past three years, three tools have become increasingly useful for building connection online:  Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Each has its risks.  I want to touch on each of these in turn, starting with the one getting the worst press these days:  Facebook. I admitted the other day that FB concerns me.  I am […]

Facebook: A Modest Privacy Proposal

I am struggling with Facebook.  I began using it a couple of years ago, and I found it to be a tremendous tool for reconnecting with those I’d lost touch with, as well as building additional strength in relationships I have been growing more recently. Yet the latest steps taken by Facebook (detailed superbly here) […]

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