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Overcoming Procrastination

Here’s a timely link to an important topic: a post (at the consistently useful blog, Marc and Angel Hack Life) about common causes of procrastination and some potential cures. Very nicely summarizes an important point: we can readily acknowledge that we’re jerking around, doing nothing, but how we’re jerking around, and why, might provide clues […]

Business Creativity and Improv

Thanks, Gregg Fraley, for providing an important lesson:  improv can be used for serious business generation. The question, which I’m sure Gregg can answer, is how to get businesses to take such exercises seriously (and, I suppose, not). I’d be very interested in how he makes this connection with a potential client. The broader issue […]

Prescriptions for Child Perfectionism Work for Us, Too

Dr. Michelle Borba had a solid post the other day describing steps parents can take to help children with perfectionistic tendencies. This advice works for the rest of us, too, as described after the jump.

Perfectionism Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

In case you needed another reason to avoid perfectionism, this report notes that perfectionism can take a toll on your health. The article states that perfectionism can have three possible manifestations:  (a) setting high standards for one’s self; (b) believing that society expects one to be perfect; and (c) placing high standards on others. Only […]

Don’t Talk About Doing — Do

We have so many ways of enabling ourselves to avoid doing what we could do with our talent.  My favorite is preparing.  I can prepare by reading.  I can prepare by talking with others.  I can prepare by planning, worrying, speculating about the potential reactions of others, fearing failure. At bottom, the only way to […]

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