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About My Paintings . . . .

A lot of readers who saw my two posts about taking painting lessons (here and here) asked whether I have any examples.  Really, I don’t have a lot, since I have been painting only since last year (and have maintained a law practice and numerous other activities at the same time). I had failed to […]

10 Sites That Juice Creativity

One of the most difficult challenges in the creative process is breaking through resistance — all of those inhibitions that prevent a person from taking the risk of doing something uncomfortable or extraordinary. I like to write about creativity, and I plan to do so a lot in this blog.  Initially, though, I thought I’d […]

I Paint Because Part of Me Didn’t Want To – Part Two

In my last post on the subject, I mentioned I had started to draw and paint to force myself to see, to overcome resistance to creativity, and to learn something new.  It turns out, however, that beginning that practice has led to a host benefits.

I Paint Because Part of Me Didn’t Want To – Part One

A friend looked at my Facebook profile and posted a message:  So you paint, too, Ted? I do – painting and drawing are important practices for me these days.  This does not mean that I paint or draw a lot, have done it for a long time, or do it especially well, but it is […]

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