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Connection and Diversity

This post (by the thoughtful and creative Mike Brown of Brainzooming) is spot on. One way to increase the richness of your connections is to consciously take the effort to build diversity into your personal network. Bringing new ideas into your personal mix will enhance both the quality of your life and the quality of […]

Building Connection (2) – Using Goals and Giving Value

In my prior post I described how to create a Master Connection List.  In this post, I describe how to use that list.

Building Connection (1) – A Simple Tool for Growing a Network

Ever wonder how people find the time and energy to “network”?  I’m drawn to write this post because of three conversations I had with friends in the last week, each of whom commented on my ability to stay in contact with lots of people. Is there a secret?  No, but there is a method.

Connection and ChangeThis! (2)

In a post yesterday, I introduced (or reintroduced) you to ChangeThis, an eclectic collection of thinking, provocatively displayed.  Here are a few more of my favorite manifestos, this time addressing issues of connection: The Care and Feeding of Your Network – great connection thoughts from Bob Allard. Self-Promotion for Introverts – clever thoughts on assertiveness […]

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