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Birthdays, Milestones, and Mindfulness

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed by a triad of holidays — Christmas, then New Years, then my birthday, which falls on this day, January 4th. For years I didn’t think of it as a blessing, of course: I got Christmas/Birthday presents, my birthday was always within a day of going back to school after […]

The Spigot and the Flow

Creative people routinely complain that the “normal,” everyday world requires restrictions on the flow of awareness. The analogy I was using with a friend the a couple of weeks ago that the mental spigot controlling information input and output for some creatives seems to be naturally more open than the spigot for the average person. […]

Continuous Process Improvement for the Self

I pass along an important insight from Andrea Matthews, posted at Psychology Today. Her point, made swiftly and simply, is that introspection is necessary for fulfillment. Some feel guilty about focusing on development of the self and self-awareness. It is, however, one of the most important things a person can do for him- or herself. […]

Now. Right Now.

This article, from 2008, provides five simple principles for increasing satisfaction by focusing on the present. It is important for the skeptical among us to recognize that these principles, embodying what many call mindfulness, have behind them decades of modern research support and centuries of practical application in various religious and philosophical traditions. The point […]

Mindfulness Combats Anxiety

Another benefit of mindfulness for those who lead Type-A, hard-charging, tension-filled lives: mindfulness can profoundly reduce anxiety. That’s the message of a post last week on Psychology Today’s blog. Peter Strong, who provides mindfulness counseling, gives a simple exercise in that post that can work to decrease anxious feelings. I have provided links to other […]

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