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Blocked Mindfulness

What if you have been taking my advice and trying to be more mindful, but it just isn’t working out? I found this brief article, from The Emotion Machine, quite useful. The author of the blog, Steven Handel, also has a number of other helpful posts on mindfulness. His blog, in short, rewards one’s attention. […]

Mindfulness and “Full Catastrophe Living”

At the suggestion of therapist and blogger Marguerite Mantao-Rau I have been reading Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living. I will provide a review in greater depth in the near future, after I finish reading, but I can say this now: Kabat-Zinn (bio here) writes with intelligence, depth, and humanity. The book is a powerful, practical […]

And Without Drugs or Vengeance!

Lisa Firestone recently wrote a good article on how to improve your mood instantly. It requires neither drugs nor vengeance. Instead, pay attention and engage with other people. Sound familiar? Yes, this is more practical endorsement of mindfulness and connection. When we pay attention to what we are actually thinking and doing, we improve our […]

More (Brief) Thoughts on Mindfulness

Just to add a coda to the post earlier today, Mary Ann Christie Burnside provides a great little reminder list of benefits of mindfulness. Think about it.

Mindfulness – The Hard Science

Bronwyn Robertson has a great article at the describing the science behind the benefits of mindfulness. Take the time to read it. As I’ve blogged about at length at various points in this blog, whether or not mindfulness is approached as a spiritual practice, the practitioner derives practical results.

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