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Maybe It’s All About Mental Gymnastics

Please read this post over at the HealthSkills blog. The post specifically deals with pain management, but the broader issue addressed is whether mental health is properly defined as having flexibility to deal with what is, and whether that flexibility can be expanded by broadening one’s repertoire of awareness and reactions. If that is so, […]

Determining Values

What values really guide your behavior?  Not simply what you like to tell other people about what you believe, but deep inside? If we were all introspective and clear-minded, this might be a purely academic question.  But we aren’t, so this isn’t.  I’m including myself here. This means that many of us go through life […]

Toward Understanding Our Values

Identifying one’s values can bring substantial clarity. I know this from personal experience, but there is research support for the notion that self-insight about values can enhance personal and professional success. Working with values is, in my opinion, one of life’s best practices. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that someone who […]

The Modified Coin-Flip

One implication of our limited consciousness is that our brains rely substantially on emotion in making decisions. Kathryn Goetzke’s recent post at PsychCentral provides a simple tool that builds on this insight. You should take a look: it’s easy, since it involves flipping a coin (with an important twist).  I won’t copy what she wrote:  […]

Thick Face, Black Heart, Stupid Book

What do Mark Twain, “Ancient Hindu Scripture,” Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? One may rightly wonder.  These eclectic sources are thrown together here in defense of a supposed Secret of the East (such secrets having to be capitalized) — the secret of “thick face, black heart,” the title of Chin-Ning Chu’s book. […]

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