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What Is Really There? Exploring the Implications of Limited Consciousness (1)

As mentioned in an earlier post, modern research confirms that our bodies take in and process dramatically more information than we ever become consciously aware of.  One implication of this, as I mentioned in the comments to that post, is that what we perceive as “raw,” “actual” experience is in fact data that has been […]

Take More Risks! (Advice from a Dinosaur)

I saw this cartoon on the web recently.  It points out an important truth:  we (humans and dinosaurs alike, I suppose) take too few risks, rather than too many. I don’t know whether the dinosaur did the research, but I have.  The results are provocative.  Humans misanalyze risks.  It is not just that we have […]

What If Our Consciousness Lies?

What if our consciousness lies?  The answers are disturbing, liberating, and ultimately critically important to those seeking to maximize their personal potential. This post will begin an exploration of some of what brain researchers now know about consciousness – and what modern research means to the conscious “I” who thinks he or she is in […]

Lawyers – Built and Bred for Depression

Why, on a blog about life’s best practices, did my last post address depression? Depressive cognitive distortions are mind challenges that everyone faces from time to time.  Some of us resiliently address those symptoms.  Others do not, and suffer extended and deep depressions.  These cognitive distortions are a basic part of the mind’s function – […]

The Ten Major Distortions of Depression

When we feel depressed, our brains adopt well-worn “cognitive distortions.”  David Burns, one of the leaders in cognitive therapy, writes in his best-selling book, Feeling Good (on pages 32-43), that there are ten common thought patterns that cause or perpetuate depressions.  Here are the big ten: 1. “All-or Nothing Thinking.”  This is a “tendency to […]

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