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It’s Not THAT Depressing

Christine Stapleton, over at the Psychology Central blog, hypothesizes from various undisclosed data that 88 percent of the US population either will suffer from a major depression, has alcoholism, or is “profoundly affected” by someone who is suffering from alcoholism or depression. Problem is, those numbers don’t seem to be based in reality. 1. There […]

The Modified Coin-Flip

One implication of our limited consciousness is that our brains rely substantially on emotion in making decisions. Kathryn Goetzke’s recent post at PsychCentral provides a simple tool that builds on this insight. You should take a look: it’s easy, since it involves flipping a coin (with an important twist).  I won’t copy what she wrote:  […]

Beware Cause and Effect

I feel like the bourgeois gentleman in the Moliere play – for more than 40 years, I’ve been using “heuristics,” and I didn’t even know it.  More than that, I didn’t know how risky they could be. Heuristics are experiential rules of thumb used for “problem-solving, learning, and discovery.”  We can’t operate without them.  Research […]

The Practical, Creative Optimism of “ChangeThis!” (1)

One of my favorite websites is ChangeThis, which serves as a forum for collecting and disseminating powerful PowerPoint presentations that seek to persuade and inform.  These manifestos address a vast array of issues, and many are written by some of today’s leading authors and opinion-makers. ChangeThis professes to be staffed with optimists – those who […]

“Be Sad and Succeed”? Not Really

I like Scientific American.  It is an educational read.  But I take issue with one of its recent headlines:  Be Sad and Succeed!  I’m interested in the studies mentioned, but this title cannot state a medically defensible conclusion.

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