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Read the Blog Comments!

I hope you are enjoying the blog.  I’m enjoying writing it.  I want to emphasize that my writing is only part of what’s here.  A critical part of any blog is found in its comments. Because this blog is very new, not many readers are commenting.  Those who are, however, include some remarkable thinkers and […]

A New Look for the Blog

If you’re reading this, you know that I have installed a new WordPress Theme for the blog.  This one is “Colourise,” by ThemeLab.  I really liked my former theme, Oulipo, but I was having some difficulties with WP, and I thought moving in a new theme direction might help.  Of course, the key is whether […]

Readers – Growing and Diverse

According to Google Analytics, this blog is read by people in 38 states plus the District of Columbia.  It is also read by people in 25 nations besides the United States.  Every continent except Africa (and possibly Antarctica, which doesn’t appear on the Google map).  Details after the jump.

Five Ways To Make This Better

I started this blog about a month ago.  During that time, I have had visitors from seven different countries and more than half of the United States.  That’s a great start, and you can help me make this site serve you better.  Here is my wish list: 1.  Build the community. If you think this […]


I apologize to everyone for the slowness of loading. My hosting company promises that this will change very soon. They are migrating to new servers (does this happen every spring?).

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