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Blocked Mindfulness

What if you have been taking my advice and trying to be more mindful, but it just isn’t working out? I found this brief article, from The Emotion Machine, quite useful. The author of the blog, Steven Handel, also has a number of other helpful posts on mindfulness. His blog, in short, rewards one’s attention. […]

Mindfulness Combats Anxiety

Another benefit of mindfulness for those who lead Type-A, hard-charging, tension-filled lives: mindfulness can profoundly reduce anxiety. That’s the message of a post last week on Psychology Today’s blog. Peter Strong, who provides mindfulness counseling, gives a simple exercise in that post that can work to decrease anxious feelings. I have provided links to other […]

Mindfulness Exercises and Resources

I promised resources on mindfulness.  Sticking with those that emphasize mindfulness without necessarily attaching a spiritual or religious component, here are some places to start. Keep in mind that I’m not advocating “blissing out,” becoming a monk, or ignoring the world around you.  To the contrary, mindfulness involves engaging your mind more sharply than most […]

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