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Attending the TEDxPotomac Conference

Today I will be attending TEDxPotomac.  Most readers not living under rocks  have heard about TED.  It’s extraordinary, and not just because they named it after me (and now own the website I wish I’d thought to get first). TED bills itself as a “small non-profit” that started in 1984, emphasizing Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  […]

What I Read Online

Life-long learning got dramatically easier in the past decade.  I like to push myself to be aware of my world.  This post is about my daily information routine. I’ve blogged already (most recently here and here) about how Twitter is beginning to fit into that picture.  This addresses what RSS feeds I use to bring […]

Thick Face, Black Heart, Stupid Book

What do Mark Twain, “Ancient Hindu Scripture,” Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? One may rightly wonder.  These eclectic sources are thrown together here in defense of a supposed Secret of the East (such secrets having to be capitalized) — the secret of “thick face, black heart,” the title of Chin-Ning Chu’s book. […]

The Same Old Mind?

I am not a “left-brain, right-brain” fan.  I will therefore freely admit that I was prepared to dislike Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind. He predicted why in the early pages of his book: I had assumed that his thesis was that left-brain thinking was no longer useful, and that right-brain thinking would now dominate. […]

Five Keys to Achieving Mastery

I have emphasized life-long learning as one of life’s best practices: here, for example, and in this category.  George Leonard’s Mastery, a quick read — really an extended essay — holds a few simple truths about learning that bear repeating.

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