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Better Memory Through Active Recall Practice?

This article, from Medical News Today, describes recent Purdue University research that compared studying methods. Specifically, the study compared Active Recall, in which students set aside the materials they were learning and sought to remember what they had read, to Concept Mapping, in which students created diagrams to try to build connections within their memory. […]

Expertise Has Its Cost

Jonah Lehrer, one of my favorite authors about the brain, had a great article in Wired Magazine recently. His point was that the patterns we create in achieving expertise and mastery may inhibit our ability to accept and process new information. I actually don’t know whether I agree with Jonah’s core point, that the brain […]

Maybe It’s All About Mental Gymnastics

Please read this post over at the HealthSkills blog. The post specifically deals with pain management, but the broader issue addressed is whether mental health is properly defined as having flexibility to deal with what is, and whether that flexibility can be expanded by broadening one’s repertoire of awareness and reactions. If that is so, […]

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