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Does the Internet Fry Your Brain?

Nicholas Carr had an interesting article at Wired Magazine last week. It reports on research relating to the potential impact of the internet on human brains.  It’s very provocative, and worth a read. The core notion is that web content, with its many hyperlinks and other potential distractions, may impede, rather than enhance, learning. In […]

What YOU Read Online

I posted yesterday about how I use the internet every day to keep abreast of news, information, and opinion.  I didn’t do this for purposes of instructing others, or because I think I have all the answers. I wanted to (a) get readers thinking about how they use the web to raise their own awareness […]

Connecting with “Everybody”

When turning to something as baffling as the impact of the internet on interpersonal and inter-group communication, it pays to have signposts and guides.  Clay Shirky understands the internet as few others do. This is driven home by his recent book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organization.

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