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The Persuasive Power of Story

Anyone who doubts the power of story in persuasion should spend some time on the website Storynomics.  Consider, for instance, Daniel Pink’s entry there, a video compilation of the answer to his question, “What’s Your Sentence?” In this short video, people capture in 15 seconds how they would like to be perceived by the world. […]

Twitter’s 4 Degrees of Separation

Through tweet and retweet, information can spread across the Twitter platform at an astounding pace. A recent post on highlighted this phenomenon and claimed — I believe rightly — that Twitter (or some tool like it) is the future of news. Why?  Because it is so connected that news spreads exceptionally fast.  Read the […]

About That Twitter Thing?

A little over a month ago, I fessed up to having gone active on Twitter, becoming one of the seven percent of Americans now using the service.  I figured it was time for an update and a call for assistance. First, the update. Whoa. (a) Still not ready to deem it one of life’s best […]

Thick Face, Black Heart, Stupid Book

What do Mark Twain, “Ancient Hindu Scripture,” Mahatma Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln have in common? One may rightly wonder.  These eclectic sources are thrown together here in defense of a supposed Secret of the East (such secrets having to be capitalized) — the secret of “thick face, black heart,” the title of Chin-Ning Chu’s book. […]

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