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Perfectionism Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

In case you needed another reason to avoid perfectionism, this report notes that perfectionism can take a toll on your health. The article states that perfectionism can have three possible manifestations:  (a) setting high standards for one’s self; (b) believing that society expects one to be perfect; and (c) placing high standards on others. Only […]

Mindfulness Exercises and Resources

I promised resources on mindfulness.  Sticking with those that emphasize mindfulness without necessarily attaching a spiritual or religious component, here are some places to start. Keep in mind that I’m not advocating “blissing out,” becoming a monk, or ignoring the world around you.  To the contrary, mindfulness involves engaging your mind more sharply than most […]

More Health Online – Tracking Input/Output With DailyBurn

I’m all in favor of tools that make it easier to do what I set out to do.  Thus, for about the past eight months, I have used to track my daily food intake, daily exercise, and daily weight and body fat.  Why?  Because the basics of weight control are — no surprise — […]

“RealAge” – Benchmarking Personal Health

As you have no doubt deduced from other posts, I am an advocate of understanding one’s current status as one means of learning where one wants to go.  This is basic, I know, but too many people walk through life in a haze of assumptions and presuppositions, never challenging these basic filters.  Best practices require […]

Why So Fat?

Would it surprise you to learn that I think maintaining one’s health is one of life’s best practices?  I didn’t think so.  As a society, though, we’re not doing a very good job.  A recent post over at BigThink makes the point — by and large, Americans are fat.  There are many reasons, but one […]

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