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Why We Fail to Set Goals

Why do so many of us “goal-seeking animals” fail to set goals?  After all, one of the common criticisms about modern consumer cultures in first-world nations is that people waste their time in mindless activities, without using their substantial talents.  We spend hours in front of the television.  We work at jobs we hate. We […]

Goal Resources Online

This post provides a few tools that can be used to develop and monitor goals.  These are examples, most of which I have used at some point. Generating Goals. I mentioned in an earlier post John Goddard’s Life List, which has helped him build an exciting and rewarding life.  Jenny Blake at put together […]

Getting at the core issues — about this blog

This blog is a forum for testing ideas about how to build and live a fulfilling life.  Just what does that mean?  It means that I believe there are best practices, that many of those have been tested rigorously, and that using those practices will enhance both performance and fulfillment. 

The Substance of Goals (Setting Goals – Part 5)

In the past few posts, we’ve looked at why goals work and how one should write them.  But there is a deeper question:  what should be the subject(s) of your goals?  Let’s take a closer look. The Substance – The Subject of Goals Most people associate goals with their career.  That is only one possible […]

Other Essential Features of Good Goals (Setting Goals – Part 4)

In my last post, I provided the basics of setting goals – they should be written, concrete, and difficult.  Here, we explore the goal-writing process in greater depth.

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