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Success Steps

This is not a self-help blog, and I don’t like posts that merely point to another’s writing. With that disclaimer, this recent post over at the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life really nails it. Each of the suggestions for achieving more success and personal satisfaction is based on sound psychological principles. Each is simple […]

Prescriptions for Child Perfectionism Work for Us, Too

Dr. Michelle Borba had a solid post the other day describing steps parents can take to help children with perfectionistic tendencies. This advice works for the rest of us, too, as described after the jump.

Perfectionism Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

In case you needed another reason to avoid perfectionism, this report notes that perfectionism can take a toll on your health. The article states that perfectionism can have three possible manifestations:  (a) setting high standards for one’s self; (b) believing that society expects one to be perfect; and (c) placing high standards on others. Only […]

What Does Success Mean? A Question More Important Than Its Answer

This is a blog about life’s best practices. As I wrote in the introduction to the blog, I believe there are practices that lead to greater achievement and more personal satisfaction in life. This inevitably raises the question of what it means to succeed. Five minutes of Googling will produce see plenty of definitions of […]

Goals “Outside Our Control”

One of my best friends – who also happens to be my little sister, Beth – raised a great question.  “What happens to goal-oriented people when they are up against a goal that is out of their control, like getting pregnant?” This is no idle question for Beth.  She and her business partner run a […]

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