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My Favorite Posts

Before the holidays overtake readers, I wanted to point to a few of the posts during the past year that I most enjoyed and that generated the most constructive feedback either here on the blog, via Twitter, via Facebook, or from readers who know me in real life. Here they are — after the fold.

“Scholarly”? No. Interesting? Yes.

I sometimes feel that I live in a world of footnotes. I am a lawyer, and with a few signal exceptions, lawyers tend to revel in the detail, the marginal comment, and the last word in small type at the end of the page. This blog, however, is not about the footnotes. It is about […]

Navigate By Tag Cloud

Just a note for any readers here who tend to shy away from tag clouds, this post is a quick Tag Cloud 101. The “cloud” at the top of the right-hand column provides a visual depiction of the labels I’ve used to tag my various blog entries. When I write an entry, I provide a […]

Getting at the core issues — about this blog

This blog is a forum for testing ideas about how to build and live a fulfilling life.  Just what does that mean?  It means that I believe there are best practices, that many of those have been tested rigorously, and that using those practices will enhance both performance and fulfillment. 

“Best Practices” for Life

Human beings are not perfect. We never will be. We are so much more — and more interesting — than that. And by learning more about how we work, we can achieve greater success and fulfillment. Those four sentences summarize decades, if not centuries, of research into human behavior.  They are confirmed by cutting-edge research […]

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