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Connection and Creativity

Following up on my post the other day concerning diversity in networking, this brief article by Douglas Eby at PsychCentral makes the important point that creativity is fostered by connections with other people. The idea of the lone genius is simply inaccurate if we presume that the adjective is necessary to the noun. I’ve written […]

The Stages of Twitter

Just saying, this is incredibly accurate.

Connection and Diversity

This post (by the thoughtful and creative Mike Brown of Brainzooming) is spot on. One way to increase the richness of your connections is to consciously take the effort to build diversity into your personal network. Bringing new ideas into your personal mix will enhance both the quality of your life and the quality of […]

Gen Y’s Fears Are Ours

Gen Y is not all that different from the rest of us.  Sure, they may be more connected, but we should not go out of our way to find differences — let alone explain them by spurious historical “facts.” Gen Y, like all generational constructs, is imprecise, but Wikipedia defines the generation to include people […]

Read the Blog Comments!

I hope you are enjoying the blog.  I’m enjoying writing it.  I want to emphasize that my writing is only part of what’s here.  A critical part of any blog is found in its comments. Because this blog is very new, not many readers are commenting.  Those who are, however, include some remarkable thinkers and […]

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