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Plenty of Time on Our Hands

Laura Vanderkam has a superb little PowerPoint circulated as part of issue 71 of ChangeThis:  168 Hours:  The Blank Slate.  Her point is simple and powerful, conveyed in nine slides.  In sum, we have much more time available than we think. I won’t take up more time now.  As with so many other things at […]

Business Manifestos That Transcend Business (3)

In prior posts (here and here) I mentioned ChangeThis.  This post identifies a few additional manifestos from that site that I promise are well worth review. These titles are slightly more business and career oriented, but they are some of the best thinking available on the internet: CherryBombs – a great career manifesto by Sally […]

Connection and ChangeThis! (2)

In a post yesterday, I introduced (or reintroduced) you to ChangeThis, an eclectic collection of thinking, provocatively displayed.  Here are a few more of my favorite manifestos, this time addressing issues of connection: The Care and Feeding of Your Network – great connection thoughts from Bob Allard. Self-Promotion for Introverts – clever thoughts on assertiveness […]

The Practical, Creative Optimism of “ChangeThis!” (1)

One of my favorite websites is ChangeThis, which serves as a forum for collecting and disseminating powerful PowerPoint presentations that seek to persuade and inform.  These manifestos address a vast array of issues, and many are written by some of today’s leading authors and opinion-makers. ChangeThis professes to be staffed with optimists – those who […]

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