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“Culturomics” – Datamining Explores Who We Have Been

This is provocative: according to Scientific American, in this brief post, researchers at Harvard, Google, and various dictionaries are using a database of millions of books to assess English culture over time. The study (which I can’t get access to yet, but which may be found here for those with rights to access) is evaluating […]

Overcoming Procrastination

Here’s a timely link to an important topic: a post (at the consistently useful blog, Marc and Angel Hack Life) about common causes of procrastination and some potential cures. Very nicely summarizes an important point: we can readily acknowledge that we’re jerking around, doing nothing, but how we’re jerking around, and why, might provide clues […]

The Ability to Receive

A friend said something very wise. The truly happy may be those who are able to receive without guilt or obligation.  Nice.

Continuous Process Improvement for the Self

I pass along an important insight from Andrea Matthews, posted at Psychology Today. Her point, made swiftly and simply, is that introspection is necessary for fulfillment. Some feel guilty about focusing on development of the self and self-awareness. It is, however, one of the most important things a person can do for him- or herself. […]

8 (+1) Solid Reasons to Go to Law School

I recently posted a number of bad reasons people decide to go to law school.  This post follows up by noting eight solid indicators (plus a qualified ninth) you may make a solid lawyer. 1. You have worked with lawyers or the law closely, and you liked it. Many successful lawyers have worked closely with […]

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