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Starting Law School (2) – Preparation and Participation in the First Semester

In my last post, I discussed the environment in law school and why I do some of the things I try to do as a professor. In this post, I provide a few brief suggestions about class preparation and class participation. Class Preparation.  I have four basic guidelines. None of these points is rocket science, […]

Starting Law School (1) – The New Normal and One Professor’s Frame of Reference

So you’re starting law school, or thinking about applying? This morning I gave an orientation talk to incoming law school first years about what to expect in the first semester of law school, and particularly the first few weeks. In this post and the next, I will provide the gist of what I mentioned during […]

Success Steps

This is not a self-help blog, and I don’t like posts that merely point to another’s writing. With that disclaimer, this recent post over at the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life really nails it. Each of the suggestions for achieving more success and personal satisfaction is based on sound psychological principles. Each is simple […]

The Practical Dividends of Kindness

Want to feel better? Be kind. It really is that simple. As this article by Joe Wilner points out, acts of kindness to others — done without expectation of reward, remuneration, recognition, or repayment — paradoxically pay real dividends to the giver. The irony is sweet, no? Very sweet indeed.

Birthdays, Milestones, and Mindfulness

Throughout my life, I’ve been blessed by a triad of holidays — Christmas, then New Years, then my birthday, which falls on this day, January 4th. For years I didn’t think of it as a blessing, of course: I got Christmas/Birthday presents, my birthday was always within a day of going back to school after […]

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