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Students: Watch This

One of my close friends alerted me to Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk on body language. I’d seen her research before, and actually have used some of her suggestions in my own preparations for classes and speeches, but I’d never had the chance to hear her speak. This talk is something everyone should watch — but especially […]

Success Steps

This is not a self-help blog, and I don’t like posts that merely point to another’s writing. With that disclaimer, this recent post over at the blog Marc and Angel Hack Life really nails it. Each of the suggestions for achieving more success and personal satisfaction is based on sound psychological principles. Each is simple […]

The Practical Dividends of Kindness

Want to feel better? Be kind. It really is that simple. As this article by Joe Wilner points out, acts of kindness to others — done without expectation of reward, remuneration, recognition, or repayment — paradoxically pay real dividends to the giver. The irony is sweet, no? Very sweet indeed.

Creating One’s Own Luck

Support continues to grow for the theory that those who envision and open themselves to positive outcomes enhance their chances of finding such outcomes. Here’s a nice little essay on the point from Daniel Tomasulo at the PsychCentral website. This is not The Secret, which has been roundly and justly criticized as pseudoscience at best. […]

And Without Drugs or Vengeance!

Lisa Firestone recently wrote a good article on how to improve your mood instantly. It requires neither drugs nor vengeance. Instead, pay attention and engage with other people. Sound familiar? Yes, this is more practical endorsement of mindfulness and connection. When we pay attention to what we are actually thinking and doing, we improve our […]

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