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About My Paintings . . . .

A lot of readers who saw my two posts about taking painting lessons (here and here) asked whether I have any examples.  Really, I don’t have a lot, since I have been painting only since last year (and have maintained a law practice and numerous other activities at the same time). I had failed to […]

Resistance Is a Part of Creativity

I recently reread Steven Pressfield’s War of Art. It’s one of those books that generates inspiration. Pressfield’s theory is that the resistance an author or other creator feels — the fear, the lethargy, the whatever gets in his way — is not only natural and inevitable, but highly instructive. What you resist, you also in […]

Take More Risks! (Advice from a Dinosaur)

I saw this cartoon on the web recently.  It points out an important truth:  we (humans and dinosaurs alike, I suppose) take too few risks, rather than too many. I don’t know whether the dinosaur did the research, but I have.  The results are provocative.  Humans misanalyze risks.  It is not just that we have […]

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