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It’s Not THAT Depressing

Christine Stapleton, over at the Psychology Central blog, hypothesizes from various undisclosed data that 88 percent of the US population either will suffer from a major depression, has alcoholism, or is “profoundly affected” by someone who is suffering from alcoholism or depression. Problem is, those numbers don’t seem to be based in reality. 1. There […]


Update: I hope that the link below now works. One of my readers (thanks, David) noted that the link I provided in my original post gets flagged by Google as a potentially malware-infested link. For the time being, I’ve taken the link down. I will relink once I get things cleared up. ORIGINAL POST: Maria […]

On Black Swans — and Giving Books

Things are uncertain.  Just how uncertain?  We generally don’t know, and as humans we are not particularly well-suited to deal with this. That is the message of two books by Nassim Taleb, Fooled By Randomness and The Black Swan.  My friend Jim White from Rust Consulting, who has superb taste in books (more on that […]

The Same Old Mind?

I am not a “left-brain, right-brain” fan.  I will therefore freely admit that I was prepared to dislike Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind. He predicted why in the early pages of his book: I had assumed that his thesis was that left-brain thinking was no longer useful, and that right-brain thinking would now dominate. […]

Beware Cause and Effect

I feel like the bourgeois gentleman in the Moliere play – for more than 40 years, I’ve been using “heuristics,” and I didn’t even know it.  More than that, I didn’t know how risky they could be. Heuristics are experiential rules of thumb used for “problem-solving, learning, and discovery.”  We can’t operate without them.  Research […]

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