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Are We Responsible for Our Brains?

This not a rhetorical question. As noted in  Reuters article by Kate Kelland, as we learn more about the brain, we raise challenging issues about personal responsibility. The law — an inherently conservative discipline, systemically resistant to change — is being confronted with profound questions. No doubt, some of those questions have previously been implicated […]

Depression Triggers – And What to Do

This article, posted at the blog care2 [make a difference], lists common depression triggers and what to do about them. Most are obvious and stark — divorce, job loss, death of a loved one — but these more extreme situations can be closely analogized to less dramatic episodes in your life that likewise make you […]

Expertise Has Its Cost

Jonah Lehrer, one of my favorite authors about the brain, had a great article in Wired Magazine recently. His point was that the patterns we create in achieving expertise and mastery may inhibit our ability to accept and process new information. I actually don’t know whether I agree with Jonah’s core point, that the brain […]

Overcoming Procrastination

Here’s a timely link to an important topic: a post (at the consistently useful blog, Marc and Angel Hack Life) about common causes of procrastination and some potential cures. Very nicely summarizes an important point: we can readily acknowledge that we’re jerking around, doing nothing, but how we’re jerking around, and why, might provide clues […]

Creativity and Mental Illness

Doug Eby at The Creative Mind reports on research about the possible association of creativity and mental illness. I want to take a look at the underlying research. I don’t think there are “creative people.” That term is redundant. Furthermore, I tend to question the baseline for determining what “normal” behavior is in a society […]

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