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The Persuasive Power of Story

Anyone who doubts the power of story in persuasion should spend some time on the website Storynomics.  Consider, for instance, Daniel Pink’s entry there, a video compilation of the answer to his question, “What’s Your Sentence?” In this short video, people capture in 15 seconds how they would like to be perceived by the world. […]

“Culturomics” – Datamining Explores Who We Have Been

This is provocative: according to Scientific American, in this brief post, researchers at Harvard, Google, and various dictionaries are using a database of millions of books to assess English culture over time. The study (which I can’t get access to yet, but which may be found here for those with rights to access) is evaluating […]

Twitter’s 4 Degrees of Separation

Through tweet and retweet, information can spread across the Twitter platform at an astounding pace. A recent post on highlighted this phenomenon and claimed — I believe rightly — that Twitter (or some tool like it) is the future of news. Why?  Because it is so connected that news spreads exceptionally fast.  Read the […]

Connecting with “Everybody”

When turning to something as baffling as the impact of the internet on interpersonal and inter-group communication, it pays to have signposts and guides.  Clay Shirky understands the internet as few others do. This is driven home by his recent book, Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organization.

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