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Update: I hope that the link below now works. One of my readers (thanks, David) noted that the link I provided in my original post gets flagged by Google as a potentially malware-infested link. For the time being, I’ve taken the link down. I will relink once I get things cleared up. ORIGINAL POST: Maria […]

The Promise of Success? JFK at Harvard

In the damning-with-faint-praise department, this from Robert Dallek’s An Unfinished Life (discussing John F. Kennedy as a sophomore at Harvard): “Though his mind is still undisciplined,” [JFK’s] tutor wrote, “and will probably never be very original, he has ability, I think, and gives promise of development.” An Unfinished Life, page 43. The moral?  There’s always […]

Now I Get It! The Social Basis of Laughter

I posted the other day that social interaction is deeply embedded in our genes.  One wonderful example I stumbled upon in my reading was in Steven Johnson’s fascinating book, Mind Wide Open.  There, among a host of other interesting subjects, Johnson notes that laughter is not originally based on humor, but on social interaction.

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