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Students: Watch This

One of my close friends alerted me to Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk on body language. I’d seen her research before, and actually have used some of her suggestions in my own preparations for classes and speeches, but I’d never had the chance to hear her speak. This talk is something everyone should watch — but especially […]

Mindfulness Exercises and Resources

I promised resources on mindfulness.  Sticking with those that emphasize mindfulness without necessarily attaching a spiritual or religious component, here are some places to start. Keep in mind that I’m not advocating “blissing out,” becoming a monk, or ignoring the world around you.  To the contrary, mindfulness involves engaging your mind more sharply than most […]

Mindfulness As Therapy and Life Tool

Does mindfulness really provide therapeutic value?  And what about those of us who are healthy: can we benefit?  The answers – very clearly – are yes and yes.

More Health Online – Tracking Input/Output With DailyBurn

I’m all in favor of tools that make it easier to do what I set out to do.  Thus, for about the past eight months, I have used to track my daily food intake, daily exercise, and daily weight and body fat.  Why?  Because the basics of weight control are — no surprise — […]

“RealAge” – Benchmarking Personal Health

As you have no doubt deduced from other posts, I am an advocate of understanding one’s current status as one means of learning where one wants to go.  This is basic, I know, but too many people walk through life in a haze of assumptions and presuppositions, never challenging these basic filters.  Best practices require […]

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