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Business Creativity and Improv

Thanks, Gregg Fraley, for providing an important lesson:  improv can be used for serious business generation. The question, which I’m sure Gregg can answer, is how to get businesses to take such exercises seriously (and, I suppose, not). I’d be very interested in how he makes this connection with a potential client. The broader issue […]

Creativity and Mental Illness

Doug Eby at The Creative Mind reports on research about the possible association of creativity and mental illness. I want to take a look at the underlying research. I don’t think there are “creative people.” That term is redundant. Furthermore, I tend to question the baseline for determining what “normal” behavior is in a society […]


Update: I hope that the link below now works. One of my readers (thanks, David) noted that the link I provided in my original post gets flagged by Google as a potentially malware-infested link. For the time being, I’ve taken the link down. I will relink once I get things cleared up. ORIGINAL POST: Maria […]

Don’t Talk About Doing — Do

We have so many ways of enabling ourselves to avoid doing what we could do with our talent.  My favorite is preparing.  I can prepare by reading.  I can prepare by talking with others.  I can prepare by planning, worrying, speculating about the potential reactions of others, fearing failure. At bottom, the only way to […]

About My Paintings . . . .

A lot of readers who saw my two posts about taking painting lessons (here and here) asked whether I have any examples.  Really, I don’t have a lot, since I have been painting only since last year (and have maintained a law practice and numerous other activities at the same time). I had failed to […]

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