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Students: Watch This

One of my close friends alerted me to Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk on body language. I’d seen her research before, and actually have used some of her suggestions in my own preparations for classes and speeches, but I’d never had the chance to hear her speak. This talk is something everyone should watch — but especially […]

The Practical Dividends of Kindness

Want to feel better? Be kind. It really is that simple. As this article by Joe Wilner points out, acts of kindness to others — done without expectation of reward, remuneration, recognition, or repayment — paradoxically pay real dividends to the giver. The irony is sweet, no? Very sweet indeed.

The Great Collaborations

What are the greatest collaborations in history? This interesting question arose in a Twitter conversation. Mike Brown at Brainzooming had referred to a great little post he’d written about the collaboration between John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles. In an exchange following Mike’s tweet, we started discussing great collaborations. Of course, the term […]

Great Twitter Advice

Roughly 100 percent of what Mike Brown writes over at Brainzooming is worth reading. This brief post, which provides his rules of thumb for who to decide to follow (or not), is short, simple, and very useful. (As you can see, from the tag cloud in the right column of the blog, I have mentioned […]

More on the Pace of Change

I’m not a techno-neophyte. But following up on my post of yesterday, I just wanted to provide a coda. Saturday night I called my younger sister, Beth, on Skype. She has two boys, the older of which turned seven on Saturday. I wanted to have a chance for me and my son (age six) to […]

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