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Students: Watch This

One of my close friends alerted me to Amy Cuddy’s TEDTalk on body language. I’d seen her research before, and actually have used some of her suggestions in my own preparations for classes and speeches, but I’d never had the chance to hear her speak. This talk is something everyone should watch — but especially […]

My Intentions

I believe in transparency, so in light of this being the first post of a new yearly cycle, I wanted to list my intentions and objectives for the coming year. Intentions. I intend to make my blog a go-to resource for practical discussions of brain function and its impact on satisfaction and achievement. I intend […]

Looking Back to Go Forward

Today marks the anniversary of my first post — on life’s best practices. It’s as true now as it was then: human beings are not perfect, we never will be, and that’s both more interesting and more promising than the alternatives. Posts. During the past year, I have had 129 posts in 15 categories (listed […]

My Favorite Posts

Before the holidays overtake readers, I wanted to point to a few of the posts during the past year that I most enjoyed and that generated the most constructive feedback either here on the blog, via Twitter, via Facebook, or from readers who know me in real life. Here they are — after the fold.

“Scholarly”? No. Interesting? Yes.

I sometimes feel that I live in a world of footnotes. I am a lawyer, and with a few signal exceptions, lawyers tend to revel in the detail, the marginal comment, and the last word in small type at the end of the page. This blog, however, is not about the footnotes. It is about […]

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