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The Practical Dividends of Kindness

Want to feel better? Be kind. It really is that simple. As this article by Joe Wilner points out, acts of kindness to others — done without expectation of reward, remuneration, recognition, or repayment — paradoxically pay real dividends to the giver. The irony is sweet, no? Very sweet indeed.

The Great Collaborations

What are the greatest collaborations in history? This interesting question arose in a Twitter conversation. Mike Brown at Brainzooming had referred to a great little post he’d written about the collaboration between John Lennon and Paul McCartney of The Beatles. In an exchange following Mike’s tweet, we started discussing great collaborations. Of course, the term […]

My Big News

For years I have fielded the same question from friends, colleagues, family, and current and former students: when am I going to leave law practice and devote myself to teaching, which I obviously love so much? Now we have an answer. I am delighted to announce that I have accepted an appointment to teach full-time […]

You Call Yourself a Blogger?

I call myself many things, actually, and I’ve been called many things that I won’t call myself. But sometimes I do call myself a blogger. Furthermore, when I made my last post, I confessed that I have substantial ambitions for this blog. So why would I fail to post for a month? After all, consistency […]

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