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Creating One’s Own Luck

Support continues to grow for the theory that those who envision and open themselves to positive outcomes enhance their chances of finding such outcomes. Here’s a nice little essay on the point from Daniel Tomasulo at the PsychCentral website. This is not The Secret, which has been roundly and justly criticized as pseudoscience at best. […]

Depression Triggers – And What to Do

This article, posted at the blog care2 [make a difference], lists common depression triggers and what to do about them. Most are obvious and stark — divorce, job loss, death of a loved one — but these more extreme situations can be closely analogized to less dramatic episodes in your life that likewise make you […]

The Persuasive Power of Story

Anyone who doubts the power of story in persuasion should spend some time on the website Storynomics.¬† Consider, for instance, Daniel Pink’s entry there, a video compilation of the answer to his question, “What’s Your Sentence?” In this short video, people capture in 15 seconds how they would like to be perceived by the world. […]

More on the Pace of Change

I’m not a techno-neophyte. But following up on my post of yesterday, I just wanted to provide a coda. Saturday night I called my younger sister, Beth, on Skype. She has two boys, the older of which turned seven on Saturday. I wanted to have a chance for me and my son (age six) to […]

The Pace of Change

Back in the early 1980s, I owned a MacPlus computer. I showed this computer at the time to my brother Dan (terrific musician, thinker, and author of the blog TheWheel), who back then was not a computer user. Mostly we focused on a second-generation version of the 1970s classic video game Pong. This Mac version […]

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