I believe in transparency, so in light of this being the first post of a new yearly cycle, I wanted to list my intentions and objectives for the coming year.

Intentions. I intend to make my blog a go-to resource for practical discussions of brain function and its impact on satisfaction and achievement. I intend to develop a strong and growing community of people who want to change the world by changing themselves and helping others to maximize their potential. As I have mentioned before, I believe personal development has overtly political implications. Sheep need not apply here. I want lions and tigers with opposable thumbs.

This post is about how I intend to measure my growing fulfillment of these intentions.

Quantity. How would I measure whether I have made my blog a “go-to” website? Part of that is having something to “go to” — that is, a destination for valuable information. I want to more than double my blog posts, so I aim to have 300 total blog posts by this time next year. That averages out to a little more than three posts per week for the coming year. That’s my commitment to you.

Quality. I could meet the “quantity” objective by having lots of three-line entries. I don’t want to do that, though I will have a short posts that direct you to interesting information that is thoughtfully or provocatively described by others. Expect posts of substance here. As some surrogate for quality assurance, I will look for a strong ratio of positive to negative comments, and I will take all constructive criticism offered by my readers.

Community. I want to create a large community of active readers and commentators on this blog. That intention has two components — size and engagement.

The more readers, and the more often they return, the greater opportunity for readers to comment. That fosters dialogue not just between me and readers, but among readers themselves. Thus, I intend to increase readership, and I also intend for readers to come back more often. As a way of measuring progress here, I have set the following goals: (a) double the number of unique visitors to the site, (b) more than triple unique visits, and (c) triple my comments-per-post ratio.

Your Assignment. Please give me your help. Tweet my posts on Twitter. “Like” them with Facebook (or link to them there). Re-post the posts you like to aggregators like Reddit, StumbleUpon, and De.li.cious. Sign up for my RSS feed so that you get my content whenever I make a post.

You can also help me meet my “comments” goal by actively responding to my posts in the comment sections provided. I read and respond to every comment — not always immediately, but I care about what you write. I want feedback — good, bad, or indifferent.

My Continuing Commitment. I commit to make my posts worth reading. I commit to bring in additional readers to make this a richer learning and discussion environment. I will post about those steps as I take them, so that you can understand why I’m doing what I’m doing.