Today marks the anniversary of my first post — on life’s best practices. It’s as true now as it was then: human beings are not perfect, we never will be, and that’s both more interesting and more promising than the alternatives.

Posts. During the past year, I have had 129 posts in 15 categories (listed in the right-hand column of this blog). Most posts have been categorized under Connection, followed by Life-Long Learning, Creativity, Mind Challenges, and Mind Tools. I’m glad to say that’s exactly what I promised, and it reflects an on-going commitment to identifying and discussing research into what modern science and theory say about human potential.

Readers. Thousands of readers have visited this site.  You reside in every continent (except Antarctica), every state in the United States, and most countries around the world. Most reside in English-predominant regions, but I’m glad to report that many of you don’t.

Prospects. What does the next year hold?  I intend to expand my reader base by maintaining and enhancing the quality of my postings. I also intend to increase discussion on the blog by stimulating comments, questions, and follow-up. I will have a more detailed post on these points in the next day or so, because I aim to be entirely transparent here about my intentions.

Thanks – and Questions. For now, however, I want to thank you for reading my blog. Writing it has been an extraordinary opportunity for me to learn from and interact with powerful minds. I’m eager to keep that going.

I also want to thank all of the readers who have provided feedback, either on the blog or in offline conversations. Feedback is what keeps me going. And my thanks, too, to all those who have had terrific conversations with me over the past year that have served as inspiration for posts.

Finally, I leave you with two questions, and I would really appreciate answers (in the comments). Please, do me the favor of commenting:

What brings you back to read my writing? and

What would you like to read here in the coming year?