Anyone who doubts the power of story in persuasion should spend some time on the website Storynomics.¬† Consider, for instance, Daniel Pink’s entry there, a video compilation of the answer to his question, “What’s Your Sentence?” In this short video, people capture in 15 seconds how they would like to be perceived by the world. Some of them are extraordinarily powerful.

If you can tell a story that dramatizes what you wish to convey, you will persuade. If you don’t, your audience may still get it, but they will have to struggle to do so.

Much of my research over the past five years has focused on the power of stories. The source materials have included the works of philosophers like Nietzsche, psychologists like Jung, researchers in the hard (and not so hard) sciences, and of course other professional storytellers — novelists, poets, artists in other media, advertisers, and so forth.

I look forward to discussing this topic in blog entries this year. In the meantime, however, I’m looking for readers’ favorite storytellers. Whose stories move you more than any others? And do continue Daniel Pink’s thought, what’s your sentence?