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My Intentions

I believe in transparency, so in light of this being the first post of a new yearly cycle, I wanted to list my intentions and objectives for the coming year. Intentions. I intend to make my blog a go-to resource for practical discussions of brain function and its impact on satisfaction and achievement. I intend […]

Looking Back to Go Forward

Today marks the anniversary of my first post — on life’s best practices. It’s as true now as it was then: human beings are not perfect, we never will be, and that’s both more interesting and more promising than the alternatives. Posts. During the past year, I have had 129 posts in 15 categories (listed […]

Great Twitter Advice

Roughly 100 percent of what Mike Brown writes over at Brainzooming is worth reading. This brief post, which provides his rules of thumb for who to decide to follow (or not), is short, simple, and very useful. (As you can see, from the tag cloud in the right column of the blog, I have mentioned […]

Better Memory Through Active Recall Practice?

This article, from Medical News Today, describes recent Purdue University research that compared studying methods. Specifically, the study compared Active Recall, in which students set aside the materials they were learning and sought to remember what they had read, to Concept Mapping, in which students created diagrams to try to build connections within their memory. […]

Mindfulness and “Full Catastrophe Living”

At the suggestion of therapist and blogger Marguerite Mantao-Rau I have been reading Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Full Catastrophe Living. I will provide a review in greater depth in the near future, after I finish reading, but I can say this now: Kabat-Zinn (bio here) writes with intelligence, depth, and humanity. The book is a powerful, practical […]

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