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Expertise Has Its Cost

Jonah Lehrer, one of my favorite authors about the brain, had a great article in Wired Magazine recently. His point was that the patterns we create in achieving expertise and mastery may inhibit our ability to accept and process new information. I actually don’t know whether I agree with Jonah’s core point, that the brain […]

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Overcoming Procrastination

Here’s a timely link to an important topic: a post (at the consistently useful blog, Marc and Angel Hack Life) about common causes of procrastination and some potential cures. Very nicely summarizes an important point: we can readily acknowledge that we’re jerking around, doing nothing, but how we’re jerking around, and why, might provide clues […]

The Ability to Receive

A friend said something very wise. The truly happy may be those who are able to receive without guilt or obligation.  Nice.

The Spigot and the Flow

Creative people routinely complain that the “normal,” everyday world requires restrictions on the flow of awareness. The analogy I was using with a friend the a couple of weeks ago that the mental spigot controlling information input and output for some creatives seems to be naturally more open than the spigot for the average person. […]

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