Following up on my post from yesterday, this is the sort of thing one finds on Twitter: the ten top Jungian websites. Someone identified this in one of my Twitter streams, and while I certainly would not have thought to look for this information in this way, it has come to me at an opportune moment.

I understand that this raises a more basic question: why, Ted, do you care about the top ten Jungian websites? I have spent much of the last year reading Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, rereading Nietzsche, and reading a lot about mythology and dreaming. I have much to say about the importance of dreaming for personal health, as well as the importance of dreams as sources of creative insight and creative inspiration. I will be writing about these topics in the new year. In the meantime, I have ten top Jungian websites to review (courtesy of @NewMindMirror, aka Edward Craig).

Anyone else out there interested in their dreams? Let me know in the comments below, and we can talk about what I’m writing about.