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“You Can Trust Us To Do The Job For You”

Fascinating post from Roger Dooley on his Neuromarketing blog. Simply expressing, firmly, that you can be trusted may enhance the trust that others will place in you.¬† The ten words in the title of this post were shown in an advertising study — about auto service, no less — to measurably increase the level of […]

“Culturomics” – Datamining Explores Who We Have Been

This is provocative: according to Scientific American, in this brief post, researchers at Harvard, Google, and various dictionaries are using a database of millions of books to assess English culture over time. The study (which I can’t get access to yet, but which may be found here for those with rights to access) is evaluating […]

My Favorite Posts

Before the holidays overtake readers, I wanted to point to a few of the posts during the past year that I most enjoyed and that generated the most constructive feedback either here on the blog, via Twitter, via Facebook, or from readers who know me in real life. Here they are — after the fold.

From the Tweets – Jungian Websites

Following up on my post from yesterday, this is the sort of thing one finds on Twitter: the ten top Jungian websites. Someone identified this in one of my Twitter streams, and while I certainly would not have thought to look for this information in this way, it has come to me at an opportune […]

Twitter – You Can Still Be An Early Adopter

A new Pew Research Center report provides important insight into who uses Twitter. The results reinforce the notion that those who join now are still trendsetters among US adults. Since Twitter is a great tool for gathering targeted news and information and making new connections, I suggest you take a look, as I explain below.

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