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Creativity and Mental Illness

Doug Eby at The Creative Mind reports on research about the possible association of creativity and mental illness. I want to take a look at the underlying research. I don’t think there are “creative people.” That term is redundant. Furthermore, I tend to question the baseline for determining what “normal” behavior is in a society […]

It’s Not THAT Depressing

Christine Stapleton, over at the Psychology Central blog, hypothesizes from various undisclosed data that 88 percent of the US population either will suffer from a major depression, has alcoholism, or is “profoundly affected” by someone who is suffering from alcoholism or depression. Problem is, those numbers don’t seem to be based in reality. 1. There […]

“Scholarly”? No. Interesting? Yes.

I sometimes feel that I live in a world of footnotes. I am a lawyer, and with a few signal exceptions, lawyers tend to revel in the detail, the marginal comment, and the last word in small type at the end of the page. This blog, however, is not about the footnotes. It is about […]


Update: I hope that the link below now works. One of my readers (thanks, David) noted that the link I provided in my original post gets flagged by Google as a potentially malware-infested link. For the time being, I’ve taken the link down. I will relink once I get things cleared up. ORIGINAL POST: Maria […]

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