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Perfectionism Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

In case you needed another reason to avoid perfectionism, this report notes that perfectionism can take a toll on your health. The article states that perfectionism can have three possible manifestations:  (a) setting high standards for one’s self; (b) believing that society expects one to be perfect; and (c) placing high standards on others. Only […]

Six Foolish Reasons to Go To Law School

This recent article from US News and World Report noted that although the legal job market is contracting, the number of people taking pre-law examinations (LSATs) is increasing. That is not healthy. I’ve been a lawyer for 20 years. I enjoyed law school, and I am proud to be a lawyer. I’m a partner in […]

Your World-Historic Impact

Twenty-five years ago I spent four months in London. While there, I picked up G.K. Chesterton’s Stories, Essays, and Poems. In it I found one of the most important passages I’ve ever read. It’s from his essay, A Defense of Nonsense.  Without further preface, here it is: There are two equal and eternal ways of […]

Yes, I’ve Been Doing

In light of my last blog post, posted almost a month ago, some explanation might be in order. I have been doing. I have a number of projects going on right now, and it has been a distracting and challenging month. In particular, I have a mid-September deadline for the third edition of my law […]

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